Outreach Committee News

Suburban’s Outreach Focus for April is Appalachian Church Camp, Unicoi, TN and Church of Christ Youth Camp, Grundy, VA.  Suburban will be supplying paper products (bowls, paper plates, cups) for CCYC in Grundy.  If you would like to help with this project in the way of monetary support, write a check to SCC with camp CCYC in memo or give cash to Carol Kay Church. Later, we will be collecting supplies for Camp ACC.


The Friendship class continues to support, with $50 a month, the Parker’s Thailand children’s ministries program. The Sunday school class continues to support the AGAPE ministry in Haiti, for $50 a month.  This ministry was started by Delores Parker, Bristol, in 1986. Delores work ended after 10 yrs. in the field. She became ill and died of HIV in 1995; she contacted the HIV from working in the unsanitary conditions of the village of Duffialy.  Linda Lahr and Bob Robinson, Avoca Christian, decided to continue the ministry in Delores’ name. Seekers  class continue to support the World Vision Program.


Haven of Rest will be Sunday, April 29 with Carol Wilkie’s team serving and preparing the meal.


Visit and A Meal is April 26 with Team 1 preparing the meal.  Let Carol Wilkie or Jeffery Musick know if someone needs to be added to our list.


Jeffery Musick