Outreach Committee News

School Back Packs:  Suburban will be working with Lynn Pannell to provide school supplies and back packs for the families/students that she serves.  Outreach allocated enough monies to cover the cost of the school supplies. We will need your assistance with monies to purchase the backpacks.  Cost per back pack will be approximately $20 or $25, depending on the size of the pack.  If you would like to help with this outreach project see, Jeffery Musick and Larry or Connie Azure.  Supplies needed by Sunday, August 5.

Outreach Evangelism partners the month of August is Milligan College, Johnson City, TN and Johnson University, Knoxville, TN.  As Christian colleges, both seek to honor God by educating men and women to be servant leaders.

Suburban Apple Butter Day will be scheduled soon.  Proceeds from the sale of the apple butter will go to the IDES meal packaging program. Suburban will be packaging meals again in April 2019.  Pint jars are needed for this project.  No quarts jars are needed.   We will be collecting jars during the month of August.  Jars may be placed on the counter in the kitchen. If you are donating used jars, please wash them.  This will help us greatly.

Visit and a Meal August 30

Haven Meal -  Sunday, August 26 – Kegley Family


Jeffery Musick